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Passion & Money is a "something different" incentive.
You will experience with your guests a passionate event of your choice, with an unexpected added value for all participants.

The passion:
Your incentive as a lasting experience

In the incentive module "Passion" you will experience extraordinary themed activities at exciting locations, which will make your trip an unforgettable experience for your guests.

The implementation of your own themes and the representation of your brand in your event, in terms of content and graphics, is a matter of course for us.

You decide whether you want to surprise your guests with a Passion & Money event or invite them under your own brand and simply save internal resources.


An exciting topic, high-quality gastronomy and accommodation, as well as the perfectly organized event with all the trimmings can of course also be taken for granted.

The module "Money"
as lasting added value

The compact and casual incentive module "Money" as the crowning surprise of your event.


Present yourself in a contemporary way!


The goal of a customer or employee trip is to inspire internally or externally. In addition to team building or customer retention as the set goal of an incentive, you offer your guests top-class information on current topics.

In times of economic uncertainty, with zero or minus interest rates and hardly achievable returns for private investors, our AAA experts from science and practice are available to answer your questions and discuss attractive strategies and tactics of sustainable private investment with you.

Hermann Kutzer

In our event format, Hermann Kutzer (KUTZER LIVE) is responsible for managing the contents of the investment theme.


Hermann Kutzer is Germany's longest-serving observer of national and international financial markets. The "Stock Exchange-Dino" works as a financial journalist, columnist and speaker / moderator. He can now look back on 50 years of professional experience, having spent more than three decades in leading positions at Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt.


Kutzer, who describes himself as a "friend of the private investor" and "stock fan", is responsible in content in the new event format "Passion & Money" for the selection of investment themes and investment strategies - new opportunities and risks, new trends, global investment alternatives The choice of subject-specific lecturers per event is also in its own hands.


Through his many years of experience as a companion to the financial markets, Hermann Kutzer can build on a special expertise and a well-developed, broad network. Kutzer is a sought-after cooperation partner or consultant to the organizers of all investor fairs and many stock exchange days in Germany. He was and still is active as an independent freelancer for the most diverse media. His most important asset is his extraordinary experience.

His vision: to create a solid and sustainable investment culture in Germany and all over the world - to invest properly rather than to save badly.

Thus, the substantive support of the capital investment topics is in good hands with Hermann Kutzer.


You talk up close and in a relaxed, informal atmosphere with well-known and renowned investment professionals about today's trends and tomorrow's prospects, as well as interesting investment alternatives.

No investment products are sold or recommended in this module.

The top-class speakers report on current challenges and cutting-edge topics such as sustainability, artificial intelligence or the new Silk Road, etc...

Use the ideal stage for your trend-setting brand or company positioning.

In addition to the lasting motivation for your top employees or customers by experiencing a good time together in a special place, you offer your guests a lasting added value to take away which will be talked about.

A successful and sustainable incentive with fun and enjoyment as an investment in the future for you and your guests.

Passion & Money:

Experience valuable time with pleasure in a passion, but also meaningful and rewarding.

Who is behind Passion & Money?

Wolfgang Erdmann

Our objective is the creation and implementation of unforgettable events.

For more than 30 years we have been successfully working for our clients in the event and communication sector worldwide.


We will regularly offer you new, exciting and passionate experiences.

All events have a constant:

You will receive up-to-date information on sustainable investment trends and developments from a limited and exclusive circle of participants.



The event series Passion & Money is conceived and carried out by Cult5D.




Jürgen Looschen


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