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In our events you will discuss moving topics of our time with renowned scientists, politicians and investment experts. You will receive valuable first-hand information and answers to your questions.


Topics that interest us all and are therefore currently on the agenda:


> Sustainability goals
> Belt & Road / The new Silk Road

We talk about solutions - pragmatic and target-oriented...

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May all our friends, partners and customers survive this historic and unpleasant time as healthy and unscathed as possible.

May time quickly return to normal!

With great respect we thank the helpers who work for all of us in the health service, in trade and elsewhere despite great personal danger.

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"How does innovative thinking come about?
It's an attitude of mind you have to decide for."

Elon Musk

Investing sustainably in a better world


Sustainability in conjunction with climate change and environmental protection - a mega topic that concerns us all. Worldwide! It is a gigantic challenge, which concerns politics, economy and citizens more than ever.

Sustainability will be a lasting challenge for mankind - in other words, sustainable.
We are in transition to a Green Economy, economists say.
Even the examples of climate protection and the energy revolution are constantly opening up new opportunities for the economy. Innovations, business models, large-scale projects, new concepts and infrastructures in the cleantech sector need a lot of money.

The fact that the European Commission is exerting a certain amount of pressure on the financial sector with its sustainability initiative is also helpful for the good performance of sustainable portfolios.
Another positive factor for sustainable custody accounts is the revival of ecological thinking among the population.

Sustainable investments increasingly also promise attractive returns.
New investment products are coming onto the market almost daily.
The signs are therefore good for sustainable investment - in the long term.

Sustainable investments promise increasingly attractive returns.
New investment products are coming onto the market almost daily..

In times of economic uncertainty, with zero or minus interest rates and hardly achievable returns for private investors, our AAA experts from science and practice are available to answer your questions and discuss attractive strategies and tactics of sustainable private investment with you.

Kutzer, who describes himself as a "friend of private investors" and a "stock fan", is responsible for the content of the new event format "Passion & Money" and the selection of topics relating to capital investments and investment strategies - new opportunities and risks, new trends, global investment alternatives. He is also responsible for the selection of the respective subject specialists for each event.

Due to his many years of experience as an advisor to the financial markets, Hermann Kutzer can rely on a special professional expertise and a broad network. At all investor fairs and many stock exchange days in Germany Kutzer is a sought-after
Cooperation partners or consultants of the organisers. He was and still is an independent freelancer for various media. His most important asset is his extraordinary experience.

Hermann Kutzer

In our event format, Hermann Kutzer (KUTZER LIVE) is responsible for managing the contents of the investment theme.


Hermann Kutzer is Germany's longest-serving observer of national and international financial markets. The "Stock Exchange-Dino" works as a financial journalist, columnist and speaker / moderator. He can now look back on 50 years of professional experience, having spent more than three decades in leading positions at Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt.


His vision: to create a solid and sustainable investment culture in Germany  - to invest properly rather than to save badly.

Thus, the substantive support of the capital investment topics is in good hands with Hermann Kutzer.


Charlie Glass
(Pianist and entertainer
from Munich)

Kind der Erde

The current single "Kind der Erde

(child of the earth)" is both a call and a warning to be more respectful of the environment in daily life.


Information - Questions - Opinions - Answers

Become part of our network to find out about the 'now' and the short and medium term future of sustainable investments and the mega-project "Belt and Road - the new Silk Road".

Sustainability is not a buzzword, but the generic term for all inevitable restructuring of industry and trade.
This is no longer a concert of wishes, but a "top topic" on many agendas and in the media.

The second mega-theme of the unstoppable global development is "Belt and Road - the new Silk Road", which is still far underestimated in media and economic terms.
This very complex and absolutely global project for the development of trade relations with the economic power China is still largely unknown in its effects on the European and German markets.
Now is the time for decisions! and it is foreseeable that ignorance will be punished.

Our moderators discuss with finance and trade experts, well-known scientists and journalists, as well as with responsible politicians and the responsible authorities.

Who is behind Passion & Money?

Our objective is the creation and implementation of unforgettable events.

For more than 30 years we have been successfully working for our clients in the event and communication sector worldwide.  

We will regularly offer you new, exciting and passionate experiences.

The event series Passion & Money is conceived and carried out by Cult5D.


Wolfgang Erdmann

Producer, project manager, planner, director, artist and orchestra manager, lecturer for event organisation

Jürgen Looschen

Producer, project manager, planner, tour manager,

technical manager and director,

long-time partner/owner of a Chinese PR agency


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