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Passion and Money - Team

It is our passion to stage classical destinations in a new way

In Salzburg we dive deep into the world of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
The Mozarteum, original locations, exclusive musical insiders
Performances and fantastic non public walks through life and
the work of Mozart promise an unforgettable weekend fuller

The Vatican and the Eternal City

ROM! Dive with us into the capital of Italy. Experience with us the Italian way of life, the culinary delights of the eternal city, art historical highlights during a walk through the city and during a private guided tour in the Vatican. Walk in Fellini's footsteps and enjoy our local service.

first-hand recipes - master chefs, winemakers and stock market professionals

Experience Rheingau

Enjoy and network successfully

We visit the outstanding top chefs and winemakers of the region and experience extraordinary delights from the kitchen and the cellar.

The investment talk in a relaxed atmosphere is led by Exchange-Dino Hermann Kutzer and a prominent investment professional

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Accelerate professional and safe on yor bike and on the stock exchanges

Passion & Money:

Motorcycle driver training
with alpine exits &
Global megatrends today and tomorrow

On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays we offer driver training during the day with beautiful alpine exits on a BMW factory machine of your choice or your own bike.


The evening program on Friday by Passion & Money with "Stock-Exchange-Dino" Hermann Kutzer and anothrt prominent investment expert  concerns the topic: Global mega-trends today and tomorrow - you can not ignore stocks ...


Saturday is themed by your passion for the motorcycle during the day. In the evening, the topics of the money-time from the evening before are discussed in a relaxed dinner atmosphere. Questions about individual experiences and objectives with investments can also be answered.

Sunday morning, after a wellfare breakfast you will enjoy another ride in nice landscapes with the instructors while driving home.

As an extreme long-distance traveler, co-initiator and chief instructor of the BMW Motorrad International Tour Guide Academy, on-and off-instructor instructor of the BMW Motorrad International Instructor Academy, co-developer of a special first aid training for motorcyclists and much more. he is your contact for everything related to motorcycle activities. Your motorbike-passion is, of course independent of the brand, therefore in good company with Joe Dakkar and his instructor team

Joe Dakkar

- Bon Vivant -

Conserve our nature and heritage through profitable and sustainable investment

Guest in a castle

In a German cultural and natural heritage of the world we will present and discuss current investment trends and options for meaningful, sustainable and profitable investments in the future of our home soil, the earth.


Be a guest in a stately environment and experience an unforgettable bon vivant moment. We prepare for you a princely reception in a historical castle together with the landlord at his finely laid-out table.


Hermann Kutzer and a prominent guest will talk about the investment trends of the future, focusing on the possibilities of rewarding sustainable investment.

We let our passion for good food, as well as for beautiful buildings and landscaped gardens, run wild in a dignified circle.


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Navigate save and correctly on the high seas and on the stock exchanges

You will be a licenses boat captain... 

We offer you the opportunity to make the German boating license SBF-Sea in Mallorca.

This event is strictly limited to 20 participants due to the boat licence and training procedures..

In the Passion & Money workshop stock market Dino Kutzer will deepen a current investment topic in one  evening seminar together with a prominent investment professional.

Of course, we will also duly appreciate the gastronomy of the beautiful island.

Passion & Money:

Boat license within 6 days &

Global Megatrends today and tomorrow